John’s Creek Lifetime Class Notes – Aug 16, 2012

Attendees: Sensei, Charlie, Shane, Jay, Taylor, Anthony, Paul, Chris

Irimi and Tenkan – practice against Sensei attacking with tano.
Katate Dori Kote Gaeshi – Traditional Kote Gaeshi with prone pin.
Katate Dori Kote Gaeshi – Two step across front for lead, standing pin after throw.
Katate Dori Kokyu Nage Variant

The “Katata Dori Kokyu Nage” variant: Perform a shihonage grab off of the 1/2 tenkan, lead the uke with the shihonage grab to expose their back (kokyu!). Free hand rests on the opposite shoulder.  Step towards the lead hand with your front foot, full tenkan while pulling your weight into the shoulder.


  • For the experienced students the attacks for irimi and tenkan were aggressive and looked to wait for a moment when the person was “anticipating” the attack to get them off balance.  Advanced students should learn to relax and react when appropriate.
  • For all students, make sure to breath out and settle after each technique.  Give yourself a 2 second pause to correct any issues and lock in the feeling of the move.

John’s Creek Lifetime Class Notes – Aug 9, 2012

Theme: Kokyu Ho
Attendees: Sensei, Shane, Jay, Taylor, Anthony, Paul

Forward and Backward rolls, forward shiko, backward shiko (everybody)
Forward to backward rolls, spinning shiko (advanced belts)
Irimi and Tenkan
Morote Dori Kokyu Ho (KH and KNN)
Katate Dori Kokyu Ho(KH, KNN, Direct Entry)
Ryote Dori Kokyu Ho (KH and KNN)

Areas for improvements mentioned during class:

  • BIG CIRCLES with the arm when performing Kokyu Ho.
  • Ki no nagari not only means to be in motion for the blend, but to also continue a fluid motion throughout the technique.


John’s Creek Lifetime Class Notes – July 28 to Aug 4, 2012

Sensei was out on vacation. For this period of time Sempai Shane and Jay lead the classes.

For weapons the 7 bokken suburi were covered along with a few awase.

For ti-jujitsu we covered as much of the traditional class start and 6th KYU test:

  • Forward and backward rolls
  • Forward shiko
  • 8-direction move
  • Irimi and Tenkan
  • Taeno Henko (KH and KNN)
  • Morote Dori Kokyu Ho
  • Shomen Uchi Ikkyo Omote Waza (demonstration only).


John’s Creek Lifetime Class Notes – June 19, 2012

Very happy to have students and family from Sensei’s other dojo in class today.

  • Ushiro Ryote Dori Kote Gaeshi
  • Ushiro Ryote Dori Kote Gaeshi Ki No Nagare (kneeling arm pin)
  • Ushiro Ryote Dori Kote Gaeshi Ki No Nagare (front foot “step back” blend, standing arm bar)
  • Ushiro Ryote Dori Kokyu Ho
  • Ushiro Ryote Dori Kokyu Ho Ki No Nagare (back foot “step forward” blend)
  • Randori


John’s Creek Lifetime Class Notes – June 12, 2012

Today’s class was the first time Suwari waza techniques were introduced in the John’s Creek class.
  • 10 forward rolls
  • 10 backward rolls
  • Forward and backward shiko
  • Shomen uchi ikkyo omote waza
  • Suwari waza  shomen uchi ikkyo omote waza
  • Shomen uchi ikkyo ura waza
  • Suwari waza shomen uchi ikkyo ura waza
  • Mune tsuki kote gaeshi
  • Hanmi handachi mune tsuki kote gaeshi
  • Kokyu dosa